I always circle back to Oaxaca without failure. The time I spent there created a pull that gnaws at me, but it's a welcomed twinge of cultural identification.

While this experience was fulfilling,  I still long for more, so I try to relive it in these images. Out of that longing, I needed to create something tangible. Some things are meant to be hold in print,  so I present to you this small photo trade book, curated and self-published by me. 

Available for purchase here

100% of the profits will be donated to Fondo Guadalupe Musalem.

"We help young women from indigenous and rural communities in Oaxaca, Mexico, to exercise their right to education, both, at the high school level and university level. With this initiative, we will support twenty five young women in high school with scholarships and training for one school year. This requires a budget of $48,000 US per school year. Education is a vital investment for the future."

I chose this non-profit because their message strikes a chord with me.  Representation in education is not just important but essential.

I remember attending university and feeling alone. Less than 10% of my classmates were Latinx and  coming from a city that's 90% Latinx, it was extremely difficult to adjust to and I was not strong enough to cope. I support any organization the helps aide in the right of education and the advancement of representation.

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